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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Licences to perform Samuel French Plays

When you start on a new production and draw up the budget REMEMBER that all your efforts cannot begin until and unless you have a play. Hiring of venue, print and publicity, costumes and sets and props, rehearsal expenses: none of this would have to happen if you didn't have a play and yet you do not budget to pay the playwright!

Samuel French Limited (
www.samuelfrench-london.co.uk) is the world's largest publisher of play scripts. The Guide to Selecting Plays for Performance, now in its 92nd edition, lists over 2,000 titles for which Samuel French hold the amateur performance rights in the English language.

Each play entry has a list of characters, the setting and a synopsis; against each title you will also see "Fee Code A...M". The letter A through to M appearing here sets the fee amount per performance in Pounds Sterling. This could vary from 10 to 80 Pounds Sterling or approximately 800 to 7,000 Rupees.

The word 'performance' includes readings, extracts, charitable, private and may involve payment of a fee. Even if the fee is waived the name of the author is mandatory on all print and publicity material.

We also ask that the following appears on all print and publicity material 'By arrangement with Samuel French Limited (Artistes' Repertory Theatre)'.

Artistes' Repertory Theatre is the authorised agents in India for Samuel French for the issue of licences to perform. ART agreed to the agency on the express condition that we would be allowed to exercise our judgment on how much should be charged. We may charge Rs.500 where the Pound Sterling rate is Rs.7,000.

Please contact us BEFORE you begin readings and rehearsals. We can help.

The information we require comprises

· Name of the play
· Name of the playwright
· Performing Group, Director, Address and Contact Details
· Ticket Prices
· Venue and Venue Capacity*
· Number of shows, Dates and Times
· Sponsors
· Payment to cast and crew?

*there is a surcharge for every 100 seats over 400

Contact us at

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